The ChinaItaly Challenge: scale-up for success – La prima sfida imprenditoriale tra Cina e Italia per l’Innovazione

The ChinItaly Challenge è una competizione imprenditoriale tra Cina e Italia che punta a incoraggiare startup e imprese innovative a […]

The ChinItaly Challenge è una competizione imprenditoriale tra Cina e Italia che punta a incoraggiare startup e imprese innovative a lanciarsi sul mercato cinese.

La Call, in scadenza il prossimo 28 febbraio, è supportata dal MOST (Ministero della Scienza e Tecnologia della Repubblica Popolare di Cina) e dal MIUR (Ministero dell’Istruzione, dell’Università e della Ricerca). Lazio Innova è tra i partnere italiani dell'inziativa.

Il bando è rivolto sia a startup già costituite (sia italiane che cinesi), sia ad idee innovative non ancora sviluppate dal punto di vista imprenditoriale. Gli ambiti di sviluppo della competizione riguardano diversi settori:

·        Smart city 

·        Smart/Green building

·        Agriculture and food safety

·        Smart manufacturing 

·        Aerospace

·        Clean energy technology

·        Health and Life-Sciences

·        Cultural and Creativity

·        ICT

·        New Energy Vehicles 

·        Internet Technology

·        Medical devices and Instruments 

·        Civil Aviation 



In palio l’opportunità, unica, di volare in Cina per esplorare il mercato cinese e promuovere la propria realtà imprenditoriale in un paese, che sta fortemente puntando sull’innovazione attraverso importanti investimenti sulla ricerca.

Dopo la fase preliminare, semifinali e finali si terranno in Cina. L’obiettivo è di portare 50 startup italiane e 50 startup cinesi alle semifinali che si svolgeranno in cinque diverse città del paese del Dragone: Shenzhen, Chengdu, Zhengzhou, Pechino e Suzhou da aprile a luglio 2017.

Per sottoporre le domande (deadline 28 Febbraio) vai su:

Per maggiori informazioni e per consultare il regolamento




The ChinItaly challenge: scale-up for success

the 1st China-Italy Innovation and Entrepreneurship Challenge

2nd round of preliminaries NOW OPEN

Scale Up your business discovering the opportunities of the Chinese Market!

The ChinItaly Challenge favours teams composed of both Chinese and/or Italian members so as to stimulate cross-boundaries collaborations. The Competition is initially designed to be held in China and Italy and divided into three stages, including preliminaries, semifinals and finals. After the Competition, the ChinItaly will provide comprehensive services and guarantees to help outstanding innovation entrepreneurship projects to realize its transformation of commercial value.

The challenge focuses on original innovation, encouraging SMEs and start-ups to carry out cooperation aimed at boosting industrialisation and product development and to encourage outstanding projects to land in innovation incubators or technology parks in China and Italy.

As a pioneering exploration, the initiative is expected to have great influence and significance in terms of innovation cooperation, project incubation and landing as well as international development of start-up enterprises in both Countries.


• Smart city • Smart/Green building • Agriculture and food safety •
• Smart manufacturing • Aerospace • Clean energy technology •
• Health and life-sciences • Cultural and Creativity • ICT • New Energy Vehicles •
• Internet Technology • Medical Apparatus and Instruments • Civil Aviation •



The ChinItaly Challenge is divided into three main stages of preliminaries, semifinals and finals.

The program is arranged as follows:

1st round of preliminaries road show in Milano: 28 October 2016 (CLOSED)

2nd round of preliminaries: deadline 28 February 2017 (ON GOING)

Semi-finals (April 2017)



Both China and Italy intend to support post-challenge advisory services, offering access to manufacturing, technical and investors networks.


The selected teams will be awarded with 1 air ticket per team (Round Trip Italy-China) used for participation in semifinals in China.



The 2nd round of preliminaries is open to:

1) Startups

Registered in China or Italy before 1 November, 2016

2) Innovative Ideas

Detailed Business Plan

NOT Registered in China or Italy before 1 November, 2016

Certain team members must have necessary innovative S&T background, R&D ability, and capability of industrialization, business management, technology achievement commercialization and marketing.


·        A Business Plan complying with the focused technology areas listed above

·        Any changes to research and development plan, industrialization plan as well as business pattern are allowed during the competition with submitted solution to be imaginative and innovative

·        All business plans should contain contents of establishing enterprise in certain semi-final city of China to achieve the transformation of commercial value

·        Any product, technology and patent should belong to the candidate team of company and cannot be involved in intellectual disputes in any country

·        All documents presented shall be in English



Deadline for applications: 28 February 2017, 23:59 CET


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