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The online consulting service for Lazio-based SMEs looking to internationalise

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Who is eligible?

To apply for assistance you must be registered with the Register of Companies of one of the Chambers of Commerce of Lazio and must have at least one operational office in the region.

How to access the service

To access our online service you must be a registered user. To become a registered user click on the SIGN UP link.

Online queries

Once you have signed up you can then log in to our consulting service using your username and password. You may present an unlimited number of queries and requests for advice on all matters related to export and business internationalisation.

You're just a few quick steps away from our expert opinions on

Customs, Logistics and Transportation

  • Customs techniques and regulations

  • International trade documents

  • Information on the customs dues applied in the export destination countries

  • Indirect taxation in the international trade of goods and services (national laws and in-depth overview of foreign regulations)

  • Intra-Community trade and compiling the Intrastat forms

  • Tax-related and other customs controls

  • Incoterms applicable to international commercial transactions

  • Dual use and international trade restrictions

  • Classification and valuation of goods for customs purposes

International Contracts

  • Overview of the legal framework in the country of interest

  • Identification of mandatory rules and requirements

  • Summary of international dispute resolution procedures (ordinary courts or international arbitration)

  • Key elements of international sales contracts: buyer's and seller's obligations

  • International distribution agreements

  • Clauses of a technology transfer agreement

  • Joint venture agreements

  • Analysis of the risks entailed by e-commerce/e-marketplace contracts

  • The Chamber of national and international Arbitration of Milan

International Taxation

  • Overview of the applicable international regulations against double taxation

  • International tax planning

  • Overview of applicable tax systems

  • Identification of “blacklist” countries worldwide and applicable regulations

  • The stable organisation of Italian companies abroad (branch)

  • Creating a "subsidiary": foreign-based companies

  • Choosing between a branch and a subsidiary

  • Royalty companies (trademarks and patents)

  • Subholding companies

  • Exchanging goods and services with a parent company

International Marketing

  • Choosing a marketing strategy and defining a marketing plan

  • Prices and profitability: strategies and methods for improving profitability through price management

  • Distribution channels and analysing distribution facilities abroad

  • Strategies and techniques for finding trade operators and partners

  • Organising commercial meetings

  • Strategies and techniques for promoting export groupings

Protecting Trademarks and Patents

  • Elements of the Italian Industrial Property Code

  • International patent regulations

  • How to write and read patents for inventions and utility models

  • Effective date of European (EPC) and international (PCT) patents

  • Using search engines to search for international patents

  • The ICE international desks for protecting intellectual property