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SprintLazio, actively supporting our partner's projects for internationalising and promoting exports by SMEs based in Lazio

SPRINTLAZIO (Regional Contact Point for Internationalisation) was established in 2007, in the wake of the Programme Agreement signed by the Region of Lazio and the then Ministry for Foreign Trade, to support the process of industrial and trade internationalisation of Small and Medium Enterprises based in Lazio. Operationally, SprintLazio has developed thanks to the partnership between ICE - Agenzia, Sviluppo Lazio SpA, which is responsible for managing the Contact Point, SACE SpA and SIMEST SpA, Unioncamere Lazio.

The Contact Point can help you by means of:

  • Guidance and information, for learning about and selecting foreign markets and supply chains
  • Seminars and training on issues of strategic interest for developing business internationalisation projects
  • Support and qualified consulting with regard to lines of financing and issues related to the development of business projects abroad (e.g., international tax and contract law, trademark and patent laws, customs regulations, international transport and payment conditions, international marketing)
  • Search for and participation in schemes and projects aimed at the international promotion of economic sectors/supply chains.

SprintLazio and Internationalisation

Sviluppo Lazio, set up to implement the economic development policies of the Region of Lazio, is responsible for running the Contact Point, through a team of experts engaged in collecting information, developing and disseminating strategies and services, offering support and consulting. The Contact Point interfaces with the various internationalisation stakeholders, at local, national and international level: Regional Government of Lazio, Ministry for Economic Development, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, ICE-Agenzia, Unioncamere Lazio, SACE, SIMEST, Embassies, Italian Chambers of Commerce abroad, Investment Agencies are several of the operational partners.

The Contact Point

Via Marco Aurelio, 26/a - 00184 Roma c/o Lazio Innova S.p.A.
Tel. +39 06 605160
Fax +39 06 60516601

Donatella Piccione Contact Point Coordinator
Patrizia De Vincenzi Guidance & Assistance Project Implementation
Stefanie Donnet Guidance & Assistance Project Implementation
Annalisa Luciani Project Implementation
Federica Sanò Project & Activities /foreign investments
Simona Saldi Guidance & Assistance Project Implementation